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Current Faculty Newsletter - March 2014

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Faculty Development

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Biennial Review

On-Campus Faculty Development Sources:
Copy of March 13, 2012, Stephen Chew Presentation and link to videos
  • Evaluation Form  - the University rubric provides the generic criteria from the procedures, the department specific form will allow department to fill in/create a rubric that supports department criteria.
Summary of Tips on Moving to Full Professor: Panel Discussion
Faculty newsletters
University Research Grants
International Programs and Services Grants Gender Disparity Study
Faculty Grievance Training Materials (developed by Dr. Michele Boyer) - handout and presentation Promotion and Tenure

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Foundational Studies Information Sign up for e-SIRs (both for campus and distance sections)
Student Class Load
Advising for the Sycamore Graduation Guarantee ISU Grading System
2012-13 4-Year Plans  


Important THings to know

Textbook Policy Consulting Services Proposal Report Form
Communication to Chairs Calendar of Key Activities 2013-2014
Courses that don't ever use a textbook Faculty Affiliate Appointments
Courses identified as core classes Sabbatical Leaves
Course Pack Notice How to Do 3-Week Attendance Reporting
FacultyEnlight What is FERPA and what should I know about it?
Titles for Guaranteed Rentals Spring 2014 Final Exam Schedule
  How to Assign an Incomplete
  Guidelines on Distance Education Fees
  Appraisal Form for Non-Tenured Faculty Member on Temporary Appointment
  Faculty Exit Survey
  Educational Affiliate ID Request Form
  Four year plans

The Caleb Mills Award

The Caleb Mills Award