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AAUW National Convention  Logo How Many Hoosiers Went to St Louis, June 26-28, 2009?

The 21 delegates from Indiana experienced a great convention. President Barbara Kanning will be delivering a report very soon to the members. Meanwhile, some photos are below. Also, please watch a very inspiring video of Representative Rosa DeLauro (D-CT). The speech in in 4 parts on YouTube due to space constraints, and please pardon the jiggling. Each of the 1st 3 parts is about 9 minutes long and the last, just 1:56. You'll catch a glimpse of the Indiana delegation as well. AAUW's Bylaws have changed BUT there will still be another BIENNIAL CONVENTION: JUNE 16-19, 2011!

2009 AAUW National Convention: Inspiring words from Representative Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) to AAUW; kudos for AAUW's work on Pay Equity, Paycheck Fairness and the Ledbetter Law

First Segment; Second Segment; Third Segment; Fourth Segment

State Board = 6 [note: 2 voted as 'Branch' delegate] Branches = 13 Other Indiana members = 2
  • President
  • Membership
  • Education Fndn
  • LAF
  • International  Relations/Diversity
  • Co-Chair, Program
Anderson: 1
Elkhart: 1
Evansville: 1
Fort Wayne: 4
Indianapolis: 2
LaPorte: 1
Madison-Hanover: 1
South Bend: 1
South Lake County: 1
College/University Rep from Indiana State University: 1 [note: One of only 3 C/U reps on Sat; 4 on Sun.]

Bloomington-Area Branch Organizer: 1


Indiana State Officers

Indiana Branches