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~AAUW Emerging Leaders & Ingenious Ideas~

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Branch or affiliate presidents are invited to send names and reason for honoring (see examples below) to (deadline April 10, 2017)

  • Emerging Leader
  • Member Leader
  • Ingenious Idea
  • Student Leader [from our Student organizations at Purdue and Valparaiso] - same guideline as for Emerging Leader

Emerging Leader Program: An emerging leader is one who has been a regular member for three years or less. That person needs to have been active, shown interest in AAUW’s mission-based programming and has shown evidence and potential of being a leader.

Member Leader: A member leader is a person, who has been a member longer than three years and is now being recognized as a leader. Member Leader recognition started in 2013. It was not good enough to simply recognize Emerging Leaders when we realized we had so many other members who lead in all facets of AAUW.

Leaders are recognized at the annual convention. Branch presidents are invited to send nominations in at any time during the year before the deadline; awardees are listed in the Convention Program and in subsequent Bulletins.

Past EMERGING Leaders

~ 2016 ~

Calumet Area --- Cindy Marshall an AAUW member since 2013.  She is responsible and has accepted being Co-Program Chair with Phyllis Loslo.  She is truly organized and has great ideas.

Fort Wayne-- Brian Johnson an AAUW member since 2014. He has attended and participated in Branch meetings as well as State meetings. He also has agreed to serve on the Fort Wayne Branch AAUW Trust. Brian is currently working on his Bachelor's in General Studies with a certificate in Women's Studies.

 Indianapolis-- Marti Daily has been a member since 2014. She accepted in 2015 the position of Branch Finance Officer and quickly learned the AAUW procedures. She continually demonstrates knowledge and the excitement of AAUW's mission.

Valparaiso -- Sandra Glatthorn joined the Valpo Branch in 2014. She is an enthusiastic member who can be relied upon. Sandra supports AAUW's mission to assist worthy women through scholarships and is coordinator of Valpo's evening book group.

~ 2015 ~

Gary/ Merrillville- Maya Theus, from Indianapolis Sherry Watkins and from Valparaiso Amy Gilbert.

Past MEMBER Leaders

~ 2016 ~

Indianapolis--- Coy Halpern joined the Indianapolis Branch in 1957 and currently is a Life Member plus an Honorary Life member. During her membership she has demonstrated her knowledge of the mission of AAUW and has always shared her excitement and commitment to AAUW.

 Valparaiso -- Wendy Masters volunteers for many tasks associated with the smooth running of the Branch. Wendy attends state AAUW meetings and looks for ways to implement ideas gained there for the branch. Wendy is a key leader of the branch and is always open to new ideas. She currently serves as Secretary.

~ 2015 ~

Fort Wayne, Susan Stone: Indianapolis Jan Pfell Doyle and Valparaiso Connie Swanson.


Indiana's Ingenious Ideas program began in 2005.


Ingenious Ideas are submitted by Branches on an annual basis and are announced at State Conventions. What is your Branch doing to promote AAUW’s mission? If you have an outstanding mission-based program, then submit a description. Submission deadline: one month prior to State Convention.

Ask yourself: How does your Branch break through barriers for women and girls? Do you..

  • Advocate for women’s career, financial, and life choices?

  • Champion equitable compensation and treatment?

  • Promote challenging careers as a means to improved quality of life?

  • Support accessible, affordable, high-quality education for all women and girls?

  • Foster networks that help women succeed?

  • Develop and motivate leaders?

Past Ingenious Ideas

~ 2016 ~

Calumet Area-- AAUW Calumet Area and League of Women Voters hosted a public meeting on April 16, 2016 entitled: “THE INDIANA COURT OF APPEALS: APPEALS ON WHEELS”.

This program will help Hoosiers learn more about the judiciary's role in Indiana government.

Michigan City - - sponsored a $500.00 scholarship for a non-traditional woman student at Purdue North Central.  The Branch also donated $100.00 each to three high school girls on the robotics team in LaPorte County. This project supports STEM. Michigan City Branch hopes to expand its support for STEM in the coming years.

Indianapolis--- hosted a WOMEN IN SCIENCE Panel in November. Overall advice to young women: it is important to have a good mentor, to be open to opportunities to consult and contract with many businesses, to learn to defuse and negotiate in professional discussions. Be aware that at the present men still dominate in scientific fields and equal pay is not generally achieved except in government positions.

In December the Branch hosted a POINT-COUNTERPOINT, WOMEN IN POLITICS meeting.

South Lake County-- donated money to pay for high school equivalency exams for women who couldn't afford to pay to take the test in their county. A meeting for college students was held to hear women in unconventional work roles and a scholarship was given to a student from IUN or PN.

Valparaiso-- Valparaiso Branch hosted an Unhappy Hour Cocktail Party to "celebrate Equal Pay Day." The party was open to the public . The cash bar featured  a signature drink, " The Equalizer." This drink was offered to women at a reduced rate. Because women's pay is in the red, anyone who wore red, was eligible for a prize. AAUW's The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap was distributed to all attendees.  To round out the event, Amy Atchison, Professor of Political Science at Valparaiso University addressed to attendees on her research in gender and  politics. Professor Atchison was a member of the eight-person delegation from AAUW to the United Nation’s 60th session of the Commission on the Status of Women in March. As we know, change begins with recognition and understanding. 

~ 2015 ~

Fort Wayne, who at its Annual Meeting in March combined two ideas for increasing awareness of AAUW and expanding its membership. First guests were charged a reduced fee for the meeting and dinner and second to increase the awareness and support of NCCWSL, Fort Wayne decided to use its two free memberships from the Shape the Future program to raise funds to send a local young college leader to NCCWSL. The tow winners of the national AAUW memberships are now giving those free memberships to young women to "grow" the Branch.


Indianapolis had two Ingenious Program Ideas, which Promoted Our Mission :1. Women in Law: Skills for Success and 2.Challenges in Social Justice: Human Trafficking In Indiana.


Valparaiso, who awards scholarships to older women students each year, came up with an idea to raise funds. In June of 2014 they held a Travel Party where they explained the travel opportunities with Grand Circle Travel. This company rewards to clients who refer new travelers who book a tour. What that means is if a new traveler gives a designated name and reference number, the Branch will earn a cash award for referring the traveler.





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