ISU Roleplayers' Guild

Who We Are

At ISU Roleplayers' Guild, we focus on bringing a community together based on a common interest, tabletop roleplying. We also welcome people who play board games, card games, and video games. Pretty much any game is welcome in our group, though gaming is not our sole interest. We endeavor to do more than just gaming. We want to connect a larger community where members can gather and make friends in an open, safe, and accepting atmosphere. If this sounds like a good time, whether you're coming to meet new people or just to game, feel free to stop in and see if it's the group for you!

What We Do

At ISU Roleplayers' Guild, we have a Guild-Wide Game that we play throughout the school year at meetings. We also have many members who come to play separate pick-up games like Magic: The Gathering, Catcan, or any other type of role-playing game. We also have two gaming conventions at ISU. These events are called ISU-Con and Son of ISU-Con respectively, and are held in the spring and fall semesters. Meetings are on Friday, from 6 PM to 11 PM, on the 4th Floor of the HMSU.

Feel free to join us an hour early, but no earlier. We hold officers meetings starting at 5 PM to discuss Guild business, but everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!

Guild Wide Game

Our Guild-Wide Game is a tabletop role-playing game that welcomes anyone, guild member or no, to play. We accept suggestions and then hold a vote every year to decide what game we will be playing. During the 2017-2018 school year, we will be playing a game set in the Fallout video game universe based on our votes.

Guild-Wide Games are held on every official meeting unless otherwise stated. If it's not going to be held during a meeting, we will give ample warning so attendees will know ahead of time. It starts after we hold Guild Announcements at 6:00 PM and wraps up at 9:30 PM. Sometimes games do run a little long, so it's best to make sure there is room in your schedule if we run over-time.


During the beginning of fall semester at ISU, we hold ISU-Con in the Arena from Friday to Saturday. This convention welcomes games of all places and types. We hold tournaments, a cosplay contest, board games, and role-playing games! Sometimes we have a few video games as well, but those aren't always a guarantee. Best of all, there are lots of new people to meet and plenty of free pizza to eat!

ISU-Con 2018 is on it's way. We will have 3 days instead of two, starting on August 31st to september 2nd. 8 AM to 11 PM everyday, at Indiana State University's HMSU.

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Son of ISU-Con

Sometimes, ISU-Con just isn't enough, and the lack of free food at regular Friday meetings becomes a bummer. To remedy this, we have Son of ISU-Con! It's a much smaller convention, typically only occupying Dede 1, but it's still lots of fun! Feel free to join us there too.

Date: To Be Announced

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Note: If you know of any organization who would like to work with us, send us an email with their contact information!


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