Workers Compensation


Q:  Can I select my own doctor for a work comp injury?

A:  No.  Under Indiana Work Comp Law, the employer chooses the doctor or provider for you.  If you go to your own doctor, you will be responsible for all charges.

Q:  Where do I go for treatment of an injury?

A:  Treatment will be at the Center for Occupational Health located at 4001 Wabash Ave, Terre Haute, IN (phone# 812-238-7788).  If the injury is severe such as a fall where the employee can not be moved, unconscious, bad cut, excessive bleeding, etc. Public Safety should be called.  They would then request an ambulance  and the employee would be transported to the nearest emergency room.

Q:  What forms do I need?

A:  For your first visit only, take a 3-WC Admittance Form to the Center for Occupational Health.   This authorizes them to treat you and bill Indiana State University for any charges.

Also, fill in the 5-WC First Report of Injury Form and send it to the Workers Compensation office within 24 hours of accident or injury.  All injuries must be reported, regardless of extent of injury.

If the doctor gives you restrictions or puts you off work, then we also need OSHA Form 301.

Q:  If I have to see a doctor out of town, will I be paid for my travel?

A:  Yes.  You will be reimbursed based on the current rate set by the Workers Compensation Board of Indiana.

Q:  Will I be paid for my doctor visits?

A:  If your appointment conflicts with your work schedule, you will be paid up to 2 hours for in-town visits, or up to 4 hours for out-of-town visits.  We do not pay overtime for visits.

Q:  Am I responsible for any charges?

A:  No.  All medical bills, prescriptions, physical therapy, etc. will be paid by the university.  If you do receive any bills, send them to the Workers Compensation office for payment.