About Us



To create a campus initiative in which all Indiana State University employees seek health, happiness, and an enriched quality of life.


The employees wellness program at Indiana State University is dedicated to promoting a campus initiative in which all employees seek to enhance their quality of life. Each ISU employee is encouraged to make healthy, smart behavioral choices, and discover life's fullness through a holistic approach. The program is to encourage and promote health and wellness programming throughout the campus to provide a lasting effect for years to come. Programs and services are extended to dependents of our employees as well to provide a greater education and understanding of wellness at home. 


The employee wellness program at Indiana State University was created to promote health choices, wellness education, and biometric screenings each year. Programming is developed and facilitated by our employee wellness coordinator here on campus. This will allow our employees to use resources that are provided directly by the University and Union Health System.


"Start learning today to live a healthier life tomorrow..."