Tuition and Fees

Summer Tuition and Fees 2014

Tuition Per Credit Hour

Assessment of academic fees is based on whether the student is registered as a graduate or undergraduate student and not the level of courses the student may be taking. The fee structure below is assessed separately for Summer I and Summer II; Summer I and Summer II enrollments are not combined for the assessment purposes.

Indiana residents

Interstate1 or Midwest Consortium2 Scholarship Recipients*

1 Eligible residents* from Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio     2 Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wisconsin

Eligible out-of-state distance students

Out-of-state and international residents are eligible for the distance rates (listed below) if they are admitted to an ISU distance program, and/or enroll only in distance courses (section numbers 301 - 309). Out-of-state and international residents who do not meet these eligibility requirements will be charged out-of-state tuition.

Out-of-state and international students

In addition:

· A Student Recreation Center Fee will also be assessed when a student enrolls in six or more on-campus credit hours, beginning with the first fee assessment of the respective term. The assessment of the fee will be $40 per each Summer session.

· An online education delivery fee of $30 per undergraduate course and $50 per graduate course will also be assessed to distance learning courses (section numbers 300-309, 526-529, and 620).

· Students are also charged laboratory fees, course fees, and/or applied music fees in certain classes for supplies and equipment usage, and/or special instruction/supervision. For a list, visit lab/course/program fees.

· Nursing students enrolled in specific nursing courses are also charged a clinical education and faculty course fee.

· In addition, students are required to purchase textbooks for the respective programs.

The University Board of Trustees reserves the right to change fees at any time in the future. The right to correct errors is also reserved.