Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees (Fall 2014 - Spring 2015)

Cost of Attendance

The federal government requires all colleges and universities to estimate the cost of attendance for one year. These figures form the foundation upon which financial aid is determined. In our estimate, we include average figures for tuition, fees (including out-of-state fee charges if applicable), books and supplies, room, board, expenses for basic personal needs, and transportation from a reasonable geographic area. Since we use averages, some students will have costs that are less while others will be higher than those listed; however, the basic budget figures shown in the budget chart below are consistently used for all students in similar categories.

2014 - 2015 Undergraduate Full Time (30 hours) Cost of Attendance (COA)
In-State Out of State Reduced Tuition Rate Scholarship 1
With Parents On/Off Campus With Parents On/Off Campus With Parents On/Off Campus
Tuition (12-18 hours) 8,216 8,216 18,146 18,146 10,270 10,270
Room and Board 2 3,494 9,182 3,494 9,182 3,494 9,182
Total Direct Costs 11,710 17,398 21,640 27,328 13,764 19,452
Books and Supplies 3 1,110 1,110 1,110 1,110 1,110 1,110
Personal Expenses 1,702 1,702 1,702 1,702 1,702 1,702
Transportation 807 523 807 523 807 523
Total Indirect Costs 3,619 3,335 3,619 3,335 3,619 3,335
Total COA $15,329 $20,733 $25,259 $30,663 $17,383 $22,787

The figures listed for books and supplies, personal expenses, and transportation are estimates and may vary among students. These expenses are not paid directly to the University.

Actual costs to attend the University will be assessed in late July for fall and in early December for spring. You may access your specific costs by logging onto your MyISU Portal account and viewing your Account Summary by Term.

1 ISU has several tuition-rate exchange programs. ISU has a reduced rate for certain out-of-state residents who may qualify for one of the following programs: Midwest Consortium Scholarship, Illinois Student Scholarship, Kentucky Student Scholarship, and the Ohio Student Scholarship. Billing for these programs will reflect both in-state and reduced out-of-state charges.

2 Actual room and board costs are based on residence hall choice and meal plan.

3 Be prepared to purchase your books with your own resources.

The University Board of Trustees reserves the right to change fees at any time in the future. The right to correct errors is also reserved.