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Transfer Plans

Parkland College - Indiana State University

The University has partnered with Parkland College to formalize transfer plans for particular majors. These plans enable students to complete specific Parkland associate degrees and receive credit towards specific ISU bachelor degrees.

Each plan details the Parkland courses accepted for credit at ISU; the ISU courses needed to complete the bachelor degree, and any other guidelines that apply. Credit transfer is possible for credit or degrees not listed, or credit earned from institutions other than Parkland College.

Browse these plans IF you are entering Parkland College and planning to transfer an associate degree to an ISU bachelor degree. If you are (or soon will be) finished with your studies at Parkland, refer to transfer guidelines for helpful information and transfer evaluation tools.

Note:  ISU General Education requirements are revised as of fall 2010. All current transfer plans and courses detailed below are still in effect and will apply to degree requirements at ISU. Transfer plans will be updated and posted shortly.

Current Plans

Automotive Technology Management

Last updated November 19, 2015