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Guidelines for International Students

Transfer Guidelines and Plans > International Students

International students may request to transfer credits from foreign or American accredited institutions.

Credit Transfer from International Schools

The University accepts transfer credit earned at approved international schools. International student transcripts are reviewed by the Office of International Programs and Services.

Credit is granted when:

  1. Earned at an institutions accredited by the ministry of higher education in the home country
  2. A minimum standard grade equivalent to a "C" or higher in the US higher education system
  3. Equivalent to a college-level course

Admission and credit transfer are detailed in the undergraduate catalog.

Credit Transfer from U.S. Colleges and Universities

International students may transfer credit or a degree earned from accredited U.S. colleges or universities per these guidelines.

Note:  To apply for admission, go to the applications and instructions. Visit the University's Center for Global Engagement for information on resources and services for international students.

Last updated February 11, 2013