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Fees, Financial Aid, Scholarships

Follow the links below for information on fees, financial aid, scholarships, and veterans benefits.


The cost of attending Indiana State University varies, depending on your residency status and whether you are completing coursework on campus or entirely online. For current academic fees for undergraduate study, visit tuition and fees.

Financial Aid

As a transfer student, you are eligible for consideration for financial aid programs. Financial aid eligibility differs with each school and cannot be transferred between schools. The University's Office of Student Financial Aid will work with you to determine the aid you qualify for at Indiana State University.

Applying for most federal and state aid starts with completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). For instructions, visit financial aid.


You may be eligible for a transfer scholarship if you will be registering for at least 12 credits each semester and meet other eligibility requirements. Deadlines vary.

For details, visit scholarships.

Veterans Benefits

Indiana State University is an approved veterans benefits institution, and is prepared to offer you the support needed to use the education benefits you have earned.

For information, instructions, and assistance, visit veterans services.

Last updated November 18, 2015