Sycamore Business Advisors

Senior Business Experience

Course Description

BUS 401 is an opportunity for senior business students to demonstrate the skills that they have acquired through their core classes, and apply that knowledge to a business setting. Students will get the opportunity to be a part of a Sycamore Business Advisors, which is an organization that was established in 2002.

The aim of the organization is to help small to midsize businesses and not-for-profit organizations by providing consulting services through the strategic management process. Consultants are trained in the areas of strategic management and are able to provide a service to the client with their acquired knowledge. The opportunity to serve the clients allow Sycamore Business Advisors to build meaningful business relationships with their clients, allowing both parties to grow throughout the process.

Class Size

10 - average or maximum number of members in a group
2 - number of groups in a class
1 - project/client per team
small class size = greater learning potential

General Class Operations

  • The SyBA business is student driven. The success or failure of the class is based on upon the initiative, decisions, and actions of the students.
  • Students are assigned a business to work with initially and then the professors will help develop the main goal of the project and what needs to be accomplished. The teams are responsible for deciding how things will get finished
  • After the projects have begun and projects are working independently, students may also take part in readings, training sessions, and quizzes to further educate the students on the basics of strategic management.
  • Near the end of the class, students are expected to work as a team on a paper and a presentation that will display their final information and recommendations to the business that they were working with.