Sycamore Business Advisors

Web Catalogue Course Description

The senior business experience is a Capstone course in both business and in General Education. While focusing on the theory and practice of strategic management, students integrate the foundation and functional areas of business and synthesize their business education with their liberal studies experience. Prerequisites: BUS 263, 311, 321, 351, 361, 371 and a minimum of at least 78 credit hours, including all Basic Studies and seven of nine required Liberal Studies courses. See the General Education section of the Catalog for a complete description of the capstone requirement. General Education Credits [GE2000: Capstone Course (for credit in the major)]

Other BUS 401 Sections

  • BUS 401: This is another form of Business 401 that does not participate in the business outlook process. This class is based primarily on lecture and book learning.
  • BUS 401 WEB: This is a web based course where students that are participating in distance education can take part in learning the senior business experience course.