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Strategic Process Consultation (SPC):

SPC examines stakeholder and the values created both for and by them. This incorporates an external analysis, internal analysis, and a GAP analysis. External analysis creates and understanding of external factors relating to the firms industry. Internal analysis focuses on internal factors within the organization and how they add value and competitive advantage for the organization. At the end of each of these analyses, a GAP analysis will show what the current situation is for an organization, what the desired states or goals are, and the needs to be met in order to achieve those desired goals. SPC is most commonly used with organizations that have been operating for some time.

Feasibility Studies:

A feasibility study is simply the analysis of a proposed venture or project to determine if it is appropriate in meeting the organizational goals.  This study includes market analysis, financial analysis, and projection, and managerial factors.  This is a vital study to perform prior to starting the project or venture.

Business Plans:

After a business or organizational venture has been deemed a sound investment (via a Feasibility Study), a firm and thorough plan must be created to map out marketing, operations, finances, and other business issues relevant to a new/on-going organization. Business plans are used and required by banks, investors, and by managers to assess the goals and plans for the new business or organizational venture.

Start-Up Plans (Implementation Plans or Growth Plans):

Start-up plans relate to projected projects for growth within an organization, implementing new products/services, or beginning new strategic decisions within an organization/business (i.e. a new benefits package or a new line of products). The use of a start-up plan should be used after an initial feasibility study is completed. The purpose of a start-up plan is to map out all of the necessary steps to starting, implementing and completing a successive project.