Academic Programs Abroad

Getting Started Step 10- Pack Your Bags!

Some words of advice from Study Abroad Alumni:

  • Purchase a money belt or passport holder
  • Photocopy all official documents (for example: passport, licences, visa)
  • Take extra batteries
  • Do not bring anything that you cannot afford to lose (for example: expensive jewelry or high-end electronics)
  • Sunscreen/sunblock and bug spray
  • Review travel guides before you depart and take them with you...maps are your best friend 
  • Find out about travelers checks and/or using your ATM card abroad (notify banks when taking credit/debit cards)
  • Bring important phone numbers (for example: study abroad office, host school contact person)
  • Get required immunizations
  • Don't spend your entire trip in tourist areas...take a road less traveled
  • Expand your social network, don't just hand out with other Americans
  • Take ziplock bags and plastic bags
  • Roll your clothes when packing
  • Bring closed-toe COMFORTABLE shoes for will be walking alot!
  • Be mindful of social norms and dress accordingly
  • Bring drip-dry clothing
  • Bring an adequate supply of underwear
  • Purchase some type of rain-gear
  • Keep prescriptions medications in their original containers
  • Bring an adequate supply of all necessary medicine
  • Take an ipod or some sort of entertainment for yourself for traveling to and from school, around the country, or around the continent!
  • Pack half the clothes and twice the money
  • Pack toilet paper, you don't want to have to run to the store right away and most apartments won't have any