Academic Programs Abroad

Getting Started Step One - Questions to Consider

When thinking about studying abroad it is important to consider these questions:

    1. Do I want a program in a particular country or am I open to different options?
    2. Is cost a factor?
    3. Do I plan on taking courses in my major/minor or in general education?
    4. Do I want to live with a family, residence hall, or apartment?
    5. Would I prefer a big city or a smaller town?
    6. Am I looking for a program where I can study in English or in another language, or perhaps a combination of language study and coursework in English?
    7. How long can I study abroad? Is a full-year a good option for me, or perhaps just a semester? Is summer a better time for me to consider a program abroad?
    8. Am I looking for a full immersion program where I study with students from the US as well as other countries in a foreign university, or would I prefer to study in a setting with other American students, a U.S. faculty member and a bi-lingual site director? In other words, what is my "comfort zone" ?