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Whitney Morris came to ISU knowing she wanted to study abroad. I constantly heard in my classes, “What’s going to set you apart from your peers? What is going to get you hired when you graduate?” Spanish was my outlet, but I knew that classes were only the beginning: I needed to study abroad. As an English Teaching major also wanted to become fluent in Spanish Whitney took the opportunity to study in Argentina with nothing but two suitcases and the promise of tango dancing and amazing shoes, Whitney began the journey of a lifetime.

Studying abroad offers many unique experiences which Whitney discovered both professionally and personally. During the ins and outs of visits to Janis’ office, I met a German named Simon. He was studying with the ISEP program from Germany and we introduced ourselves to each other. That was the start to a transatlantic romance which five years later turned into what is now a wonderful marriage. Finding the love of my life was simply one sweet coincidence in a long line of excitement and advantage that studying abroad gave me.

In terms of career, studying abroad certainly gave Whitney a competitive edge in the job market. I’ve had major career opportunities. Upon graduating, I moved to Germany and taught English for five months, until I was offered a job with AmeriCorps to teach at an all-Spanish speaking school in San Francisco, California.

Whitney now works in Berlin, Germany developing a multi-lingual education program with some of Germany’s top educators. She believes studying abroad changed her life: my life has been more enriching than I ever expected because of friends, love, and my career, and it all started with studying abroad

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