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Student in Italy

Brittany Faulkner graduated in December 2011 with degrees in business management and liberal studies. Her study abroad experiences set her on an exciting journey. Brittany says, "Study abroad not only let me take courses to satisfy my ISU requirements, but it allowed me to live in a country I had only dreamed of visiting. I traveled around Western Europe, ate tasty treats, met lifelong friends, and expanded my view of the world."  Her time in Italy jump started her global experience. After Brittany returned she started working for Janis and went on two shorter programs to Taiwan and then Ireland. 

These programs prepared Brittany the international experience required by her summer internship for Global Village." This was a six week internship that allowed me to practice business consulting, participate in development seminars and interact with 110 other inters from 48 countries!"

All of her experiences paid off. When Brittany graduated she already had a job lined up with Leadership exCHANGE, a study abroad organization based in Bloomington, IN. Brittany says, "I started out pursuing study abroad because I wanted to travel, but the additional experiences I encountered have shaped my career." Studying abroad gave Brittany wonderful memories and an edge into the professional world.

Brittany encourages all students to take advantage of study abroad opportunities, "It's going to impact your future in more ways than you can anticipate."

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