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For Betsy Bender,one study abroad experience was not enough, she spent two full semesters abroad before she graduated. The first study abroad experience was in Rosario, Argentina where I was on a Spanish language and business program and lived with a host family. I spent time traveling and really discovering my independence. The second study abroad was in Murcia, Spain. I also was studying Spanish on this trip.

By the end of each semester Betsy gained many important skills. I consider these study abroad experiences some of the most important parts of my education. I gained problem solving skills, foreign language skills, independence, and patience. These skills have served her well as she looked for a job.

Betsy now lives in Washington DC working as an HR manager of two Nordstrom Rack stores. I have achieved success in my career in large part by the skills I learned studying abroad. I regularly use my Spanish skills and have been exposed to a very diverse environment and feel well equipped to relate to it.

Living in a different country can sound daunting, but the study abroad office at Indiana State does a superb job of preparing you and giving you the skills to be successful. Don't miss out on this experience!

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