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Erik Andersen graduated from ISU in May 2009 with a degree in Insurance and Risk Management.  While at ISU he completed a semester study abroad experience in Rome, Italy at the American University of Rome during the Spring semester. 

Erik stated: "Study abroad provided me fuel for wanting to learn about new cultures, people, and continue to travel and discover new things," which lead him to enrolling in a management course that would allow him to travel to Taiwan during his spring break, the following spring. He was able to visit various businesses in the financial services industry and local attractions. 

Since graduation he has moved to Orlando, Florida where he is pursing a career as a Commercial Insurance Broker. 

"Living in Florida where there is a very diverse population, it is nice to share cultural experiences with others. From studying abroad, I have learned how to find common ground with anyone, and that a simple conversation can lead to a good business deal and great friendship," explained Erik.


Our Alumni stories continue...

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