Student Affairs Office of Research and Assessment

Current Assessment Projects

Indiana State University's Division of Student Affairs is currently engaged in its Tracks One, Two, and Three assessment protocols.  Tracks One and Two involve the continuous evaluation of operations, while Track Three focuses on unique programs designed to support holistic student growth, learning, and development.  The following are some of the unit-level assessment projects in process.



Office of Assessment

     Evaluation of the University's Knowing Sycamores New Student Orientation Program

     Identification of the Model Employed by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics to Promote Student Success



Office of Residential Life

     Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Academic Major Themed Residence Hall Floors 

     Identification of Student Leadership Skills Development of the Lincoln Leadership Community



Hulman Memorial Student Union

     Self-awareness of the Development of Transferrable Skills on the Part of Student Employees



Career Center

     Impact of Career Counseling Services on Students' Development of Employment Related Skills Sets 

Evaluation of student learning outcomes as demonstrated in internship experiences 

Student Employee Supervisor Evaluation of General Learning Outcomes - Summer, 2008



University Police

     Support of Professional Skills Development in the Community Service Officer Program



African-American Cultural Center

     Student Growth, Learning, and Development as Supported by Involvement in the Ebony Majestic Choir