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Mission Statement

The mission of the Indiana State University Intercollegiate Athletic Program is to nurture the spirit of continuing growth and challenging expectations for achievement at all levels of team and individual participation. Consistent with the overall mission statement of our university, we subscribe to the concept of the student-athlete as a whole person, providing opportunity that transforms and enriches the lives of our student-athletes. As a caring and civil community we promote and model the highest standards of scholarship, public service, sportsmanship, teamwork, and citizenship. We seek to recruit, train, educate and graduate first-class student-athletes. Being proud of who and what we are, we support our student-athletes as we celebrate achievement and reward success, in order to foster pride, enthusiasm and commitment among faculty, student-athletes, support staff, administration, alumni, and friends.


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NCAA Accreditation 2007-2008 Reports

Draft Report, Sub-Committee on Governance and Commitment to Rules Compliance

Draft Report, Sub-Committee on Academic Integrity

Draft Report, Section 1: Sub-Committee on Equity and Student-Athlete Well-Being

Draft Report, Section 2: Sub-Committee on Equity and Student-Athlete Well-Being

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