Residence Hall Living

Residential Life consists of the areas of housing, food service, and residential life programs. There are ten residence halls located on the ISU campus. ISU’s housing policy requires all single students with fewer than 32 hours of academic credit to live in University residence halls unless they commute from their parents’ home (within 60 miles) or have a valid exception. Students who have lived in University residence halls for two semesters are exempt from this policy. Visit the Residential Life Web page at: for more information.

Common Questions:

What facilities are available in the residence halls?

ISU’s residence halls provide the following:

What do students need to bring to college?

Among recommended items students should bring are:

What are the room sizes and can rooms be decorated?

Each residence hall complex has different sized rooms. Sandison Complex’s (Jones and Sandison Halls) rooms are 11 1/2 feet by 14 feet. Rooms in the Sycamore Complex (Blumberg, Cromwell, Rhoads, and Mills Halls) are 12 feet by 12 feet. Pickerl and Burford Halls room sizes are 12 by 14 feet. Lincoln Quad offers suite style living with different bedroom sizes depending on whether it is a single or double room.

In most halls, students may decorate their rooms to meet individual tastes within the following rules and regulations:

What appliances are permitted in individual rooms?

How should mail be addressed to an ISU student?

United States mail is delivered and picked up once a day at the reception desk in each hall. UPS, Federal Express, etc., also deliver items to the reception desk.

Mail to ISU students needs to be clearly addressed using both first and last names and the correct hall name. Line two of the address should be the student’s box number; however, the word “box” should be left out of the address. Do not put “Indiana State University” on mail being sent to students. This causes unnecessary delay in the mail being delivered. The following is an example of how to address students’ mail:

Jane or John Doe
405 Blumberg Hall
Terre Haute, IN 47809

Some suggestions for keeping in touch with your college student are:

When can room changes be made?

Students are not allowed to change rooms during the first two weeks. After this time there is an open room change period of two weeks. Students having roommate issues or concerns should see their resident assistant or area director.  

Who can students talk to if they are having problems?

Residence hall staff are here to help students. A resident assistant lives on each floor and serves as a resource person for students. Each complex also has an area director and an assistant director. Students having problems can consult with any member of their hall or complex staff.

Are there opportunities for involvement in the residence hall?

Most halls have a form of hall government in which all residents are members. Hall government plans activities and social programs for residents. Being involved in hall government provides students with leadership experiences.

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