Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of students

Dean of Students

Promoting student learning, personal development, and civic responsibility

Committed to integrating the academic mission of the University with co-curricular experience, the Office of the Dean of Students focuses on the development of community, identity and character.  Values of openness, inclusiveness, social responsibility and mutual respect guide us as we strive to help others achieve their goals and aspirations.  Through the application of sound management and leadership principles, we devote ourselves to providing effective and efficient program and service delivery to students, faculty, staff, families and guests.

Strategies and interventions are designed to:

- Facilitate student academic, personal, civic and professional growth and development
- Prepare students for leadership in a global, diverse and changing society
- Cultivate a campus community characterized by meaningful challenges and supports

2012-13 Student Handbook

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Services and Programs under the aegis of the Dean of Students:

Nolan L. Davis
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Indiana State University
Parsons Hall room 203
(812)  237-3888