Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:  How do I learn my student's grades?
A:  Students can access their grades (interim and final) using their MyISU account.  We encourage open communication between parents and students about the student's progress.  interim grades are available to students at the beginning of the 9th week of the term; final grades are available about three days after the last day of final examinations each term.  Mark your calendars and plan a good conversation about academic progress!

If you claim your student as a dependent for tax purposes and are unable to obtain their grades, you may complete a Request for Grade Report of A Dependent Child form available from the Registrar's Office.  This form must be requested and completed by you for each semester you need grades. 

Q:  My son is going to be missing class due to minor surgery.  How does he contact his professors?
A:  If your student will be missing classes for five days or more, he or she can contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs (812 237-3888) and they will notify his or her professors.  This notification is not an excuse (there are no excused absences in college), rather it is an explanation to the professor regarding the student's absence.  For absences of shorter duration, the student him or herself should contact their instructors.

Q:  Does my daughter really need to go to Orientation in August?  We will be out-of-town on vacation at that time.
A:  Research clearly demonstrates that students who participate in transition programs for new students, such as Knowing Sycamores Orientation, are more successful in college.  While participation in Knowing Sycamores is not required, it is expected.  In addition, students who participate are eligible to be in on the drawing for free in-State tuition for their first semester, free books for their first semester and other prizes.

Q:  Will my son be able to meet his new roommate at Sycamore Advantage?
A:  Students who have made the initial housing payment by May 15 will be sent a letter the first week in June with the name, address and phone of their roommate.  They can contact each other prior to Sycamore Advantage to see if both happened to be assigned to come on the same day.

Q:  What should my daughter do if she thinks her grade is incorrect or unfair?
A:  A student who has evidence that the grade they were assigned is incorrect or unfair should talk with the instructor first.  If it cannot be resolved between those two, the next step is for the student to take the matter to the chair of the department in which the professor teaches.  If a question still remains, the Dean of the College or School is the third step.  Each of the Schools and the College of Arts and Sciences has the grade appeal process in their grievance procedures.  Students can get a copy of these from Deans' offices.  Most are on the College or School websites.

Q:  Are freshmen allowed to have cars on campus?
A:  Yes.  At ISU all students may have a vehicle on campus.  However, they must purchase a parking permit to park in the University lots.  Parking permits are $80.00 for 2002-2003 and can be purchased from the Office of Public Safety.  Check out their website for more information.

Q:  Is it true that you sell more parking passes than you have parking spaces?
A:  We do not limit the number of permits sold.  All those who wish to purchase a permit are allowed to do so.  Public Safety monitors the lots throughout the day and has found that there are always available spots in Lots C, D and G.  These lots may not be as "convenient" as some of the other lots; however, the entire ISU campus is contained within a six-block square.

Q:  How do I find out about a loft for a residence hall room?
A:  Residential Life does not offer or encourage the use of lofts; however, they are permitted and many students use them.  Barnes & Noble, the ISU Bookstore, is working on an agreement with a different vendor to provide lofts and should have this agreement by the end of July.  Lofts can be purchased from  The Futon Shop in Terre Haute, 812 232-3990 (at 1213 North 3rd Street) for around $135.00. 

Q:  What are the visitation hours for Mills Hall?
A:  Sunday - Thursday       noon-11:30 p.m.
      Friday - Saturday         24 hours

Q:  How does my freshman daughter connect to the ISU intranet?
A:  Two websites have information relating to this question, depending on where your student lives.

If your student does not live in a residence hall and wants to connect to the University intranet from off campus, the web address is

If your student lives in a residence hall, information can be obtained at

Students needing an interface card to connect from a residence hall room must go to Telecommunications in Gillum Hall, room 101 to make an appointment.  Office hours are Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.  Students must have their ISU e-mail address to make an appointment.  (Students can get their ISU e-mail address by going to any of the computer labs on campus, including the 24-hour lab across from the Student Union.)  There is a charge which must be paid before University personnel will install the interface card. The telephone number for Telecommunications is 812 237-4178.  The telephone number for the computer help desk is 812 237-2910.