1. Shall be comprised of at least eight (8) Staff
2. Shall serve as an advisory body to Council in reference to all University events.
3. Shall promote and coordinate Social and Fundraising events for the Council.

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list of members

Committee Chairs: Jamie Hays & Audré Brickey

Committee Secretary: Sarah Froderman

Committee Members:

Rhonda Beecroft
Audré Brickey
Jamie Hays
Tracy McDaniel
Pam Malone
Patti Bolton
Evan Boyer
Debbie Woolard
Gail Wright
Leah Myers
Patricia (Raine) Lee
Sarah Froderman

Regularly scheduled meeting:

First Tuesday of every Month, 1:00pm - 2:00pm.  Location: Stalker Hall 211

Committee Charges for 2015 - 16

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