representative duties

Duties and Responsibilities

Representatives will:

1. Participate in all phases of Council business.

2. Serve on at least one Standing Committee as appointed.

        a. Any Representative who refuses to accept appointment to a Standing

            Committee shall be subject to removal from Council.

        b. Members of the Executive Committee may be excused from serving on a

            Standing Committee

3. Attend all scheduled meetings of the Council.

4. Initiate communication among their constituents to encourage discussion of

matters affecting Staff.

5. Give ample notification to their supervisor and/or department head of scheduled

Council and Committee meetings. Representatives will be in regular pay status

for all required Council and Committee meetings.


Terms of Membership

Membership on Council shall be for a three-year period unless completing a

Representative’s vacated term. Representatives shall be elected for two

consecutive terms (for a total of six consecutive years). After a one-year absence

from Council, former Representatives are eligible to run for representation during the

next election.


The Representative term shall begin on the first day of May following election to the




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