Social Science Education

SS 306 - Gatrell (2004-present)


SS306 Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Teaching Secondary Social Studies

Instructor: Jay D. Gatrell, Ph.D Email:

Phone: x2256 or x2713

Office Hours: Posted on 262HH, 159L Science, or 505CoB

Catalog Course Description

Theories and practices in using interdisciplinary approaches to teaching secondary social science.

Course Intent

This methods course is designed to help prepare social studies teachers design and implement interdisciplinary curricula. This emphasis is crucial given the demands of INTASC Standards #1 and IPSB Standards for Social Studies Teachers. Special attention is focused on a variety of theoretical and practical issues, particularly the use of the issue-centered curricula and incorporation of relevant materials from the Internet.

Standards for Teachers Addressed:

IPSB Standards for Teachers Social Studies-6, 10, 11, 12, 13

IPSB Standards for Teachers (see content-area test)


ISTE NETS (Professional Profile Elements based on LiveText experience & Grapes of Wrath)


Steinbeck. Grapes of Wrath. Any edition.

Lopez. 1992. The Rediscovery of North America. NY: Vintage.

Friedman. 2000. The Lexus and the Olive Tree. NY: Anchor

Course Requirements

Content Review

Faculty from each of the licensure areas will present a review of content standards.

Content Area Test (“Practice” Praxis) (50 Points)

This is a practice test to help assist you in your preparation for the Praxis II. It is primarily a diagnostic experience and you will be grade Pass-Fail. A pass will be defined as score a minimum of 70% in each of your declared licensure areas and at-least 70% across all areas combined. Student will be afforded two opportunities to meet the pass requirements. Students must meet the minimum guidelines to successfully complete the course.

LiveText Assignments

Each of the following assignments must utilize the electronic resource and be shared with the instructor (username: gatrell) and enable review status.

Current Events with Cartoons (25 Points)

Using political cartoons obtained from internet sites, such as, you will prepare a 50 minute lesson plan. Be sure to include activities, assessments, linkages to relevant content standards, and cartoon examples as part of the LiveText lesson plan. This will be assessed using the SS306 Rubric

50 Minute Lecture with LiveText Lesson Plan (25 Points)

Students will deliver a 50 minute lecture to their peers in a content area. Students should create arich learning environment including the use of classroom technology. Students will be subdivided into two cohorts. This will be assessed using the SS306 Rubric.

Lecture Reflection (25 Points)

Students will reflect on their in-class lecture and meaningfully identify potential revisions. This will be assessed using the SS306 Rubric.

50 Minute Lecture Assessments (25 Points)

Construct a balanced collection of assessments based on your in-class lecture. Be sure to provide examples of formal & informal regimes. This will be assessed using the SS306 Rubric.

Grapes of Wrath Technology (25 Points)

Create a Web-quest or WIP in LiveText for a content areas other than the content areas presented in-class. Be sure to integrate a variety of resources (i.e., video, graphs, maps, etc…) and present a Grapes of Wrath WQ or WiP that meets content standards. This will be assessed using the

SS306 Rubric.

1-Paragraph Summaries/Reflections of Peer Lectures (pass/fail)

You are required to provide 1-paragraph summaries/Reflections of 7 of the 10 peer lectures you attend. You will not be graded on these per se. But must provide evidence that you attended the lectures. A failure to provide the summaries will result in a failing course grade (pass/fail).

Social Justice

ISU is committed to the ideals and principles of social justice. I agree with that commitment and expect to maintain a positive learning environment based upon open communication, mutual respect, and nondiscrimination.

ISU does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, color, or national origin.

Any suggestions as to how to further a positive learning environment within the ISU community in this class will be greatly appreciated and given the utmost consideration.

Additionally, if you have any special needs please do not hesitate to bring those needs to my attention

FERPA—Buckley Amendment Disclosure

To protect your privacy, I post grades using your 991 number. However, I will honor, and am obligated to respect, any request not to publish test grades by the last 4-digits of your social security. If you would not like your grade posted, I encourage you to exercise your rights. If you do not want your grades posted, I will make your grades available during office hours. With respect to e-mail distribution of grades and protecting your privacy, I will not distribute grades to any e-mail accounts.

Week 1

T Introduction

TH Economic Standards Review-J. Conant

Geography Standards Review-J. Gatrell

Week 2

T History Standards Review-D. Clark

TH Content Test 1

Week 3

T Sociology Standards Review-T. Steiger

Psychology Standards-PsyD. Student

TH Government Standards-R. VanSickel

Week 4

T Content Test 2

TH LiveText Review & Assessment Rubrics

Week 5

T Content Test 1 & 2 Mastery Re-Test

TH C. McGrew, DoE, Standards Using Technology in the Classroom: WiPs & Webquests

Week 6

T Using Technology in the Classroom: WiPs & Webquests

TH Integrative Social Studies: Using the Grapes of Wrath-History, Economics, & Geography

Week 7

T Integrative Social Studies: Lopez – Use of Poetry to Explore Various Themes including Diversity,

Environment, Geography & History

TH Integrative Social Studies: Friedman. The Lexus & The Olive Tree: Economics, Geography, &


Read the following essays:

McDonald’s Theory?

Lexus & The Olive Tree

Week 8

T Integrative Social Studies: Science & Social Studies—an environmental case study

Grapes of Wrath WiP/WQ Due

TH IDOE Academic Standards. Mr. C. McGrew, Social Studies Coordinator—Guest Speaker

Week 9

T Integrating Current Events

TH Student Lectures (3 per day)

Week 10

T Student Lectures (3 per day)

Current Events Assignment Due

TH Student Lectures (3 per day)

Week 11

T Student Lectures (3 per day)

TH Student Lectures (3 per day)

Week 12

T Student Lectures (3 per day)

TH Student Lectures (3 per day)

Week 13

T Student Lectures (3 per day)

TH Student Lectures (3 per day)

Week 14

Work Week – No Class – Assessment Assignment Due T

Work Week – No Class – Peer Lecture Summaries/Reflections Due TH

Week 15

T Reflection Assignment Due

TH Meeting with Instructor to be individually scheduled TH-Exam Week


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