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Primary Source Materials

History Texts/Documents -

The History Place -

Library of Congress -

National Archives -

United States Historical Census Data Browser -

New Deal Network -

Internet Modern History Sourcebook -

Japanese American Exhibit and Access Project -

Library of the Holocaust -

University of Oklahoma Law Center History Documents -

University of Kansas WWW-VL -

The Labyrinth:  Resources for Medieval Studies -

American Memory Project -

Historical Text Archive -

History Buff's Home Page -

The History Net -

Early America -

The American Civil War -

Truman Library Project Whistletop Korean War Collection -

Cold War Hot Links -  Cold War Hot Links: Web Sorces Relating to the Cold War

Social Studies Metasites

Social Studies Sources Page -

History/Social Studies Site for K-12 Teachers -

Social Science Data Collection -

Virtual Library -

Migration and Ethnic Relations Virtual Library -

Economic Policy Institute Data -

The Historical Text Archive -

Egypt Links -

Organization of American Historians -

The Scholar's Guide to WWW -


Vicinity Corp Map Blast -

Virtual Tourist World Map -

Historical Map Web Sites -

Odden's Bookmarks -

U.S. Surname Distribution -

Other Reference sites/links

The Comprehensive Internet Reference -

National Archives -

My Virtual Reference Desk -

Education Technology Journal -

History/Social Studies Lesson Plans, Material, Activities

Social Studies -  http://www.csunledu/~vceed009/socialstudies.html

Public Broadcasting System:  American/World History -

National Archives -

Economics Resources for K-12 teachers -

Foundation for Teaching Economics -

Teaching with Historic Places -

History Matters -

SCORE History/Social Science Resources -

History/Social Studies for K-12 teachers -

Useful Organizations/Institutions/Agencies

Indiana Department of Education -

Indiana Professional Standards Board -

Indiana Council for History Education -

The Society for History Education -

American Historical Association -

ISU's Social Science Education Program -

Search for teaching positions nationwide -


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