Social Science Education

GEOG 213

GEOG 213 Introduction to Economic Geography

Department of Geography, Geology, & Anthropology

Indiana State University


Instructor: Jay D. Gatrell, Ph.D Email:

Webpage: Phone: x2256

Course Objective: This course investigates "The distribution and locational basis of selected primary, secondary, and tertiary economic activities." In the process, students will be exposed at variety of related literatures associated with the geography of economic activities.

REQUIRED READINGS: Gatrell, J. and Reid, N. 2002. The Global Economy: A Primer on Spatial Context & Trajectories, Kendall-Hunt Publishers, Dubuque, IA.

**NOTE :Students are responsible for ‘related’ readings indicated in the text too. This will require obtaining appropriate issues of the Professional Geographer and Annals of the AAG from the library, ProQuest, or other on-line full text databases.**

General Education

GEOG213 is a GE2000 Social and Behavioural Studies-Elective course. The course meets similar A1 requirements under GE89.

Social Science Education

GEOG213 is a core geography course in the SSE program.

Course Requirements:

  1. 1. Mid-Term Exam. Students will complete 1 mid-term exam. Students will chose 2 of 6 essays to complete. While no minimum page length exists, a 2-3 pages per essay answer would be appropriate. Proper citations should be used when and where appropriate (2x10=20).

Exam Content is based on both the lectures/units and the text. The organizational structure for exams is rooted in the lecture and examples can be drawn from the text and/or sources beyond the classroom. Because the tests are "TAKE HOME" students are expected to obtain (and cite) outside resources and synthesize the course materials—when, where, and if appropriate.

Exercises. Students will complete all 8 assignments located in the back of the text. Students can turn the assignments in anytime during the semester. However, all assignments must be turned in at the start of week 14. Students are advised to start the exercises well before the due date and to complete and turn in the assignments throughout the semester (8x10=80).

Final Exam. A single essay response. Students chose from 3 questions. This single essay is intended to demonstrate your understanding of economic geography and your ability to summarize/synthesize the core class content. This essay should be 4-5 pages in length. (15 Points)

Exam Content is based on both the lecture units and the text. The organizational structure for exams is rooted in the lecture and examples can be drawn from the text and/or sources beyond the classroom. Because the tests are "TAKE HOME" students are expected to obtain (and cite) outside resources and synthesize the course materials.

2. The grading scale is as follows:

A 90-100%

B 80-89%

C 70-79%

D 60-69%

5. Students are responsible for maintaining academic integrity

ISU is committed to the ideals and principles of social justice. I agree with that commitment and expect to maintain a positive learning environment based upon open communication, mutual respect, and non-discrimination. ISU does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, color, or national origin. Any suggestions as to how to further a positive learning environment within the ISU community in this class will be greatly appreciated and given the utmost consideration. Additionally, if you have any special needs please do not hesitate to bring those needs to my attention.

FERPA—Buckley Amendment Disclosure

To protect your privacy, I post grades using your 991 number. However, I will honor, and am obligated to respect, any request not to publish test grades. If you would not like your grade posted, I encourage you to exercise your rights. If you do not want your grades posted, I will make your grades available during office hours and via e-mail. With respect to e-mail distribution of grades and protecting your privacy, I will not distribute grades to any e-mail accounts.


Acceptable Submission Options for Assignments or Exams:

  1. 1. Create an appropriately formatted (i.e., paragraphs, etc…) web-page that includes all required materials and provide me with a working link to it by 5PM on the stated due dates for assignments and exams; or

  2. 2. Scan the paper into a PDF and submit as a single file attachment via e-mail by 5PM on the stated due date; or

  3. 3. Deliver to the instructors office by 5PM on the stated due date.

Note: Attached word processing files will NOT be accepted because of viruses. Likewise, pasted text in emails will NOT be accepted because assignments must be word processed. As this is a web-based course, it is anticipated that you have experience with one or both of these technologies (and/or have the capacity to obtain training or access to these basic web/Internet resources). Additionally, ISU has an information technology requirement in the general education program and it is expected that students will be able to use a spreadsheet program, locate on-line data, and create charts & maps.


Basic Structure:

Week 1 Syllabus CH1 Gatrell & Reid

What is geography?

Process & Pattern in economic geography

Week 2 Development Economics CH 4

Population PowerPoint Slides On-Line

MODEL: Demographic Transition & Economics

Week 3 Technology & Global Economic Development CH3 & 4 Gatrell & Reid

Problems of Development

Theories of Development

Week 4 Global Economics CH8 Gatrell & Reid

MODEL: Core-Periphery PowerPoint Slides On-Line

Week 5 Spatial Interaction CH 1 Gatrell & Reid

MODEL: Distance Decay PowerPoint Slides On-Line

MODEL: Gravity

Weeks 6 & 7 The City as Economic Node

MODELS: Urban Structure & Economic Activity CH 2 & 3 Gatrell & Reid

PowerPoint Slides On-Line

Week 8 Service Activities

MODELS: Central Place & Variations CH6 Gatrell & Reid

Exam 1 Due Monday

Week 9 Changing Economic Structure of Cities

Week 10 Data Collection Appendix Gatrell & Reid

Library Walk Tuesday PowerPoint Slides On-Line

TECHNIQUE: Location Quotient Examples

TECHNIQUE: Lorenz Curve Example & Discussions

Week 11 Industrial Location

MODEL: Breaking Point (Linear Markets) CH 5 Gatrell & Reid

MODEL: Weber’s Triangle PowerPoint Slides On-Line

MODEL: Product Cycle

Week 12 Regions & Resources CH3 Gatrell

MODEL: Territorial Industrialization & Technology

"Locational Windows of Opportunity"

Week 13 Primary Sector CH7 Gatrell & Reid

MODEL: Von Thunen’s Rings

Week 14 Other perspectives in Economic Geography

All assignments due Monday CH 1 Gatrell & Reid

Week 15 Collect Final Exam at Official Scheduled Exam Time

**Late Assignments or Exams will be penalized 10% per day**


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