Social Science Education

GEOG 110

Introduction to Human Geography

Instructor:        Nancy J. Obermeyer, Ph.D.
Office:             159-B Science Building
Office hours:    Monday... 1:00-2:00,  Wednesday... 10:00-12:00
Office phone:   237-4351 - please leave a message on my answering
                        machine if I am not in.

The discipline of geography is widely misunderstood.  Most courses in geography in primary and secondary schools emphasize the mindless memorization of trivia.  (Quick, what's the capitol of Montana?)  This course will not do that.  The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the basic concepts of human geography as a means to enable them to "think geographically" and gain a better understanding of the world around you.

    Paul Knox & Sallie Marston, Places and Regions in Global Context,
        (New York:  Prentice-Hall) 1998.
    Study Notes for GEO 330; available at Paper Chase or on reserve at the
        library.  These notes are in development and will be available on a
        chapter-by-chapter basis.

Course Requirements
    Your performance in the following four areas will determine your final course grade.
    •  Four exercises                    (20% of course grade)                    80 points
            -Each exercise worth 20 points
    •  Two examinations
            -Mid-term                      (25% of course grade)                  100 points
            -Final exam                    (25% of course grade)                  100 points
    •  Term paper                         (25% of course grade)                  100 points
    •  Class participation               (5% of course grade)                      25 points
                                                                                                       400 points

Over the course of the semester, the instructor will assign two exercises.  The exercises will be designed to help you understand geographic principles, and may come from your book, from some other book, or from the twisted mind of your instructor.

    The examinations may include multiple choice, short answer, definitions or other formats, cover materials discussed in your text, in class lectures, and/or in supplemental assigned readings.

Term Paper
The term paper will be in the 10-12 page range, on a topic of your choosing, with the concurrence of the instructor.  An acceptable paper topic will combine some aspect of your major or another interest with geography. The instructor will provide specific instructions at a later time.

Class participation
The instructor will assign a grade for class participation based on the regularity of your attendance and the regularity and appropriateness of your contribution to class discussion.  Within this requirement, bringing items that reflect a geographic theme or principal will be greatly appreciated.

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