MSW Admission Process

  1. Applicants who seek admission to the MSW program must achieve admission through the College of Graduate and Professional Studies at the University level. Applicants must apply online. Link provided:
  2. Applicants must also submit all MSW Program materials to the College of Graduate and Professional Studies online admission link.
  3. The MSW Admission Committee will review all applicant documents. Criteria utilized for selecting applicants will be based on graduate admission criteria, MSW application criteria, as well as individual ratings by the MSW Admission Committee.
  4. A committee meeting will be commenced to discuss each applicant’s application and committee members rubric results. Students with the highest ranking will be interviewed.
  5. Applicant interviews will occur in the Department of Social Work. Interviews via technology (e.g., Skype) will be offered for applicants who are unable to come to campus.
  6. The MSW Admission Committee will participate in the interview.
  7. The consensus of the MSW Admission Committee will determine which candidates are selected for admission.
  8. The MSW Program Director will make a final decision on candidates for whom a consensus was not reached by the MSW Admission Committee.

In evaluating applicants, the MSW Admission Committee will consider the following:

  1. Past academic performance as reflected in a cumulative undergraduate GPA.
  2. Critical thinking skills and the ability to communicate effectively in writing as reflected in the required statement of purpose and application questions. All written materials submitted are evaluated on punctuation, spelling, grammar, syntax, organization, and the ability to clearly express ideas.
  3. A basic understanding of the social work profession as reflected in the required statement of purpose and application questions and as communicated in the personal interview.
  4. Emotional maturity, stable mental/emotional processes as evidenced by letters of reference and all communication with faculty and staff of the MSW Program.
  5. Graduate course work performance (if any).
  6. Successful completion of required course prerequisites.
  7. Scores on the MSW Program’s admissions rubric.
  8. Length and type of work and volunteer experience as identified in the Admission packet.
  9. Letters of reference - Students are encouraged to review the reference form and select individuals who will be able to answer a majority of the questions. References from faculty, supervisors in employment or volunteer positions and individuals with professional knowledge of social work or human services are preferred.
  10. Evidence of personal values consistent with the professional social work values of service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, competence, human rights, and scientific inquiry as determined by the application material and oral and written communication for the applicant.
  11. A personal interview.
  12. Applicant’s ability to successfully complete the MSW application process.