Department of Social Work

Academic Honesty

Most students are conscientious and strictly abide by the University’s academic honesty guidelines PDF icon. In order to clearly articulate the expectation for the Department of Social Work, this Code of Student Conduct has been prepared.

For the student’s benefit, we include the following examples of academic dishonesty:

Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to:

Any of the above examples is a basis for consequence and penalty.

Academic dishonesty is a serious academic offense that is not acceptable in the Department of Social Work nor at Indiana State University.

  1. The individual faculty member will be asked to submit a written copy of the allegation and a recommendation to the Student Affairs Committee as to what penalty should be imposed.
  2. The Student Affairs Committee will meet with the student to review the case and a committee decision will be made as to the course of action.
    1. If the allegations are substantiated actions will include at a minimum
      1. a grade of zero for the assignment
      2. student will be immediately put on probation within the department.
      3. depending on the severity of the infraction, a student will be removed from the course and/or program of study.
    2. The Student Affairs Committee will use the form approved by the department (PDF icon) to document the student name, the date of the meeting, nature of the allegation, findings, subsequent action/resolution and a copy of the contract with the student.
    3. This Student Affairs Committee’s report will be submitted to the department chair.
    4. In situations in which academic dishonesty has been substantiated, the department chair will inform the Associate Dean for Student Services in the College of Nursing, Health, and Human Services.
    5. It should be clear that any action made by the Department of Social Work’s Student Affairs Committee does not preclude any other University hearing or action based on academic dishonesty.
    6. A student has the right to an appeal using the due process procedures of the University. Refer to the Student Handbook for details.

Student Affairs Committee Action Form (PDF icon)


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