Sexual Health


A fun interactive game that is a twist on the traditional Tic-Tac-Toe. Teams answer questions or complete activities in the following categories: Phone Sex, Hot Talk, HIV/AIDS, Dear Dr. Love, ACTION, He Said/She Said, STDs, Contraception and Go For It.

Condom Party

Pin the condom on the man, SEX-TAC-TOE, condom sequence, speed and the bead game all packed into one program guaranteed to be fun and provide students with facts about STDs, HIV/AIDS and birth control.

Contraceptive Grab

Students are divided into groups and each group selects one contraceptive out of the “grab bag”. Each group has to answer a set of questions about the contraceptive they selected, ranging from how it works to approximate cost. After the groups finish answering the questions, the whole group reconvenes and the facilitator goes into more depth about each contraceptive.

Sex in the Shower

Ever want to be a fly on the wall? Same gender groups develop questions and eavesdrop on each other’s discussion. Have all your sex questions answered by an expert.

STD Bingo

It's BINGO! But instead of numbers, you have to answer questions about sexually transmitted diseases.

Alcohol and Sex

What happens when you mix alcohol and sex? What are the consequences? And just how difficult is it to properly use a condom under the influence?

Sex and Candy

Figure out just how easy it is to get an STD or become drugged. Then learn how to protect yourself. What could be sweeter?