About SHP

Our Mission:

The mission of Student Health Promotion is to create and promote a healthy college community at Indiana State University. We do this by encouraging students to identify the benefits of and need for healthy lifestyle choices, through promotion of comprehensive mind/body wellness, timely marketing and ongoing direct interaction with students, by supporting the development of a campus community that enables those choices.

Our Goal:

The goal of Student Health Promotion is to increase students’ knowledge about and awareness of, both positive and negative health behaviors and how this may impact long-term well-being. The prevention and educational services we offer address a variety of health issues including nutrition, stress and time management, sexual health, alcohol and other drugs, and relationships.

Our Work Environment:

The Student Health Promotion staff works to create a health promoting environment by advocating for effective policy development. Our health promotion team consists of professionally trained health educators, student peer educators and support staff. We believe that a healthy lifestyle is essential to ensuring academic success, thus we provide services that fully support the mission of the university. Student Health Promotions is in compliance with the 950 Drug-Free Workplace Policy (find it here: 950 Drug Free Workplace Policy-1.pdf).

Dimensions of Wellness

Dimensions of Wellness

Physical Wellness

  • Using exercise (both cardio and strength building techniques) to keep body in good condition
  • Using healthy eating habits to maintain a balanced diet
  • Taking care of minor illnesses and seeking appropriate medical attention when needed

Emotional Wellness

  • Being aware of and accepting feelings
  • Approaching life in an optimistic way
  • Expressing emotions appropriately
  • Adjusting to change and dealing with stress in healthy ways

Spiritual Wellness

  • Developing values and beliefs that provide a purpose for your life
  • Live in a way that is consistent with values and beliefs

Environmental Wellness

  • Finding a way to live in harmony with the Earth by understanding the impact of your interaction with nature has on your personal environment
  • Minimizing or taking action to protect the world around you
  • Protect yourself form environmental hazards

Intellectual Wellness

  • Engaging in creative and stimulating mental activities to expand knowledge and skills
  • Explore new ideas and understandings
  • Become involved in intellectual and cultural activities

Social Wellness

  • Ability to interact with other people
  • Using good communication skills
  • Establishing meaningful relationships and creating a support system that includes family members and friends
  • Respecting yourself and others