UAP Clinic - ISU Health Center

The Welcome to the UAP Clinic - ISU Health Center! We strive to provide high quality care to student of Indiana State University. We provide a variety of services at the health center, including:

  • Immunizations
  • Health assessments and treatments
  • Men's and women's health services
  • Educational materials
  • STD screenings/counseling
  • Prepackaged medications
  • Laboratory testing
  • Diagnostic x-rays of bone or soft tissue injuries  

All undergraduate and graduate students taking one or more credit hours at ISU are eligible to receive services at the health center. Students must present a valid ISU identification card upon arrival.  

The Center accepts private insurance and participates in many insurance plans. Students should bring their insurance card in addition to their ISU ID card. However, payment of the plan copayments is expected at the time of service. Any balance left unpaid by the insurance company will be sent to the person listed as guarantor. We accept the Associated Insurance plan, private insurance, cash, check or credit cards.

For more information about the UAP Clinic - ISU Health Center, please visit the "About Us" link on this page.

Flu Shots

UAP Clinic ISU Health Center still has flu shots! Cost is $25 or it can be billed to health insurance. Students and employees need to bring in their insurance cards. There is no co-pay for injections only. The shots are given 8:30-11 a.m. and 1-3:30 p.m. No appointment is needed.

Allergy Shots

Students needing allergy shots will need to make arrangements with the following clinics:

UAP Clinic ENT Office (Dr. Seitz, Roseff, and Drake)
5 blocks south of campus
400 Poplar St.
Call for initial appointment (Monday-Friday)

UAP Clinic Northside (Dr Jordan-Wagner)
1.5 miles north of campus
1739 N. Fourth St.
Call for initial appointment (Monday-Friday)

Ambucare Walk-in Clinic
4 miles south of campus by the Mall
3387 S Highway US 41
No appointment needed


Immunization InformationUAP-ISU Health Center

Some immunizations are still required by the State of Indiana.  Check out the  immunization requirements page for further information and required forms.

** New student immunization forms need to be returned to the Office of Registration and Records, located on the lower level of Parsons Hall.