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Science Building

Currently, the Center for Science Education offers undergraduate degree programs in the following areas:

Double Major in Science Education with Biology

Double Major in Science Education with Chemistry

Double Major in Science Education with Physics

Major in Science Education with a Concentration in Earth Sciences

All four of these programs lead to a State of Indiana Secondary Science Teaching Certificate in one science field. Obtaining a secondary science teaching certificate allows you to teach in middle school or high school, grades 6-12.


Prospective students who wish to obtain secondary science teaching certification and who already have a bachelor's degree in a science or science-related field may be interested in the Bayh College of Education's "Transition to Teaching" Program. This program offers a "fast track" for students who already meet most of the necessary science content course requirements for a teaching certificate. More details, including an on-line application, application deadlines, and a list of course requirements, can be found at the College of Education website. Faculty in the Center for Science Education can assist you in evaluating your transcripts to determine whether you would need to take any additional science content courses.


Currently, there are no graduate programs offered in Science Education. However, students with a bachelor's degree and teaching certification can enroll in a Master's or Ph. D. degree program in the College of Education. These programs are housed in the Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Media Technology (CIMT). It is possible to obtain an M. Ed. or a Ph. D. in education with a concentration in science. The programs include graduate level course work in the sciences.

The links below lead to the most current course requirements for the undergraduate programs in Science Education.

Curriculum Guidelines For The Program In Science Education
       Foundational Studies Courses
       Cores Science Courses
       Professional Education Courses
       Upper Division Science Courses


Four Year Plan For Double Major In Biology

Four Year Plan For Double Major In Chemistry

Four Year Plan For Double Major In Physics

Four Year Plan For Concentration In Earth Sciences



Last modified: October 14, 2014