Scholarships 2015-2016

for Entering Freshmen


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  1. Housing: $1,500 a year towards on-campus housing
  2. Textbook scholarship: $500 ($250 per semester)
  3. Renewable for three additional years
  4. Admission deadline: March 1
  5. Requirements (listed below) must be satisfied by March 1.
  6. An unlimited number of these scholarships are awarded each year.
  7. Open to Indiana residents only
  8. To be awarded this scholarship, students must be entering ISU fall semester.

Freshman applicants must meet 21st Century Scholars Program requirements designated by the State of Indiana, have a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average based on a 4.0 scale, and complete a minimum of Core 40 curriculum.

To view the rules and regulations governing this scholarship, see rules and regulations.

The 21st Century Scholars Textbook Scholarship will be received through the ISU bookstore; it is not a cash award. Scholarship recipients will be able to go to the bookstore and utilize their award to purchase textbooks.

For more information, visit 21st Century Scholars

To apply for admission to Indiana State University, see applications and instructions.

Note:  Students who qualify for the 21st Century Scholars Housing and Textbook Scholarship may qualify for other awards. See combining.

The University reserves the right to change scholarships, policies, and award amounts. The right to correct errors is also reserved.

Last updated: 20 July 2015