Scholarships 2016-2017

for Entering Freshmen


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  1. $3,000 a year
  2. Limited number of awards designated by each department
  3. Renewable for up to three additional years
  4. Open to Indiana and out-of-state residents
  5. Not open to international, online-only, or returning ISU students
  6. Admission deadline: March 1
  7. Requirements (listed below) must be satisfied by March 1.
  8. To be awarded this award, students must be entering ISU fall semester.

For consideration, candidates must have at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale. Candidates also must submit a separate application through the appropriate performing arts department by March 1. An audition, portfolio review, and/or an interview are also required.

For specific information, candidates should contact the department of the area in which they are applying. Candidates must be planning to major or minor in that field, with the exception of music. In some instances, non-music majors and minors who are needed for large ensembles and who commit to being part of those ensembles for 8 semesters may be considered for Creative and Performing Arts Awards. Contact the School of Music for specific information in this regard.


  • Art and Design:  (812) 237-3697
  • Music:  (812) 237-2771
  • English-Creative Writing:  (812) 237-3161
  • Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport—Dance Minor:  (812) 237-2183
  • Theater:  (812) 237-3339

Because departments schedule auditions, competitions, and interviews in the fall and winter, early contact with the department is highly recommended.

To view the rules and regulations governing this award, see rules and regulations.

To apply for admission to Indiana State University, see applications and instructions.

Note:  Students who qualify for the Creative and Performing Arts Award may qualify for other awards. See combining.

The University reserves the right to change scholarships, policies, and award amounts. The right to correct errors is also reserved.

Last updated: 6 October 2015