Scholarships 2016-2017

for Entering Freshmen


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Combining with Other ISU Awards and Scholarships

No combination of ISU awards/scholarships can exceed the cost of attendance for an academic year. However, if a student qualifies for additional awards/scholarships, the Academic Excellence Scholarship can be combined/stacked with the following:

  • Child of Alumni Textbook Scholarship
  • College Challenge Success Award
  • Creative and Performing Arts Award
  • Illinois Student Scholarship
  • Incentive Scholarship
  • Kentucky Student Scholarship
  • Laptop Award
  • Lugar Nominee Scholarship
  • Lugar Scholars Minority Grant
  • Midwest Consortium Scholarship
  • Ohio Student Scholarship
  • Summer Honors Scholarship
  • Sycamore Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Award
  • 21st Century Textbook Scholarship
  • 21st Century Scholars Excellence Scholarship
  • Warren M. Anderson Scholarship

Note: Students who qualify for one or more awards/scholarships will be notified automatically with their admission award letter or shortly thereafter.

The University reserves the right to change scholarships, policies, and award amounts. The right to correct errors is also reserved.

Last updated: 7 October 2015