Office of Risk Management

Educators legal Liability

Educators Legal Liability Insurance through  United Educators insures Indiana State University against claims alleging Wrongful Acts. Also insured are individuals, while acting within the scope of their duties or obligations, and includes current or former Trustees, Directors or Officers of an included entity, and at the University's option any employee, faculty member, student teacher assistant, volunteer, committee member, etc. 

A Wrongful Act is any actual or alleged error, omission, act, misstatement, neglect, or breach of duty in the discharge of duty to or on behalf of an included entity. 

Examples of a wrongful act are numerous and include discrimination, invasion of privacy or humiliation, violation of civil rights, sexual harassment, various employment practices, educational malpractice or neglect, libel, slander, or infringement of copyright, trademark, or patent. Intentional acts are excluded under Educators Legal Liability.

If you receive a notice of a lawsuit or are contacted by a plaintiff's attorney, do not respond or talk to anyone before immediately contacting the University's General Counsel.