Office of Risk Management

auto insurance

The University carries auto insurance that covers all owned, leased, or hired vehicles.  If a University vehicle is involved in a property damage or personal injury accident, it must be reported to the Office of Risk Management as soon as possible.  There is a  $500 deductible for collision and a $100 deductible for comprehensive.  Departments, or the individual drivers, will be responsible for the deductibles.

All University vehicles should be operated by University staff, faculty, or graduate assistants.  Student workers who need to drive University vehicles must successfully complete a Driver Safety Course to become eligible drivers.  Other restrictions may apply.  For more information, contact Sherry O'Neal, 237-7946.

All non-University persons traveling with an authorized driver must sign a waiver prior to the trip.  When securing travel authorization through the Office of the Controller, the waiver is part of the University Vehicle Permit form.

If you drive your personal vehicle on University business, insurance follows the car.  This means that your personal policy pays if you have an accident.  ISU's auto policy provides excess liability coverage over and above your own liability coverage, if that should become necessary.  It does not cover property damage.

All accidents/damage involving University owned vehicles must be reported immediately to the Public Safety Department.  The person driving the University vehicle shall complete an accident report form the day of the accident (unless the accident occurred outside of Vigo County or the driver is hospitalized).  It is the driver's responsibility to ensure that copies of these reports are delivered to the Office of Risk Management, Rankin Hall, Room 200.  The University vehicle involved in an accident shall be returned to Fleet Management Services within two (2) working days so estimates for repair can be made.

Mexico- If you are traveling in Mexico, you must get auto insurance from a Mexican insurer.  If you rent or lease a vehicle in the U.S., be sure to note whether or not the contract allows you to take it out of the county.