what to bring to campus

1)  Students should contact with their roommate.  Determine who is bringing the refrigerator, the microwave, the Xbox, etc;

2)  Decide if you will rent a bed from bedloft.com. Go on line at www.bedloft.com to make your reservation;

3)  Students living in Blumberg, Cromwell or Burford Hall, decide if they want to rent an in-room safe.  Contact CSI at www.collegesafesinc.com for additional information;

4) Start packing! Among recommended items students should bring are:
* Alarm clock
* Laptop or desktop computer
* Flash drive
* Cell phone and charger
* Backpack or messenger bag
* Desk lamp
* Extra long twin sheets and pillow cases; deep pocket sheets also fit 
* Towels
* Blanket
* Bedspread
* Pillows
* Decor – photos, pillows, posters, rug or a bean bag chair
* Hangers
* Toiletries
* Flip flops
* Laundry basket and detergent
* Rolls of quarters for laundry
* Hand sanitizer
* A few eating and cooking utensils
* Fan
* Multiple umbrellas (one for the room and one for your bag)
* Television, stereo or iPod with headphones
* Coax Cable to connect to your television
* Compact refrigerator, maximum capacity 3.5 cubic feet; maximum amperage 1.5 amp
* Microwave not to exceed 700W
* School supplies - notebooks, binders, pencils, colored pencils, a calculator, pens, and a black marker * Toilet paper and bathroom cleaning supplies if you have a private bathroom
* Light cleaning supplies – Windex, Pledge, Swiffer dusters, paper towels
* Food items (such as macaroni and cheese, ramen noodles, soup, cereal, crackers etc) to ward off hunger and the urge to order out pizza
* Medical kit: digital thermometer, aspirin and/or ibuprofen, Band-Aids, gauze tape, antibiotic ointment, tweezers, reusable hot/cold pack, anti-diarrhea medicine, antihistamine, decongestant, antacid, throat spray/lozenges, cough medicine, tissues and any prescription medications

Things to leave at home:
* Hot surfaced appliances, such as hot plates, space heaters, George Foreman Grills, electric frying pans, etc.
* Room-size air conditioners (window and/or floor units)
* Halogen lamps
* Candles
* Hunting equipment/firearms/weapons
* Waterbeds
* Grills
* Pets (other than fish)

2) Make sure you’ve signed up for a meal plan. If not, check out https://indstate.sodexomyway.com/dining-plans/index.html.

3) Obtain your ISU Parking Permit (if bringing a car). You can do this online at http://www.indstate.edu/parking/parkingaccountagreement.htm .

4) Make sure to write down or photograph items of value. Record make and model of electronics.

5) Check and make sure your parent’s homeowner’s policy covers items in your residence hall room. If not, it is suggested that you invest in renter’s insurance. ISU Residential Life do not assume responsibility for damages to personal belongings as per Residential Life Contract.

6) Bringing a bike to campus? Remember to bring a lock and register it with Public Safety.

7) Remember to secure an appliance dolly. Contact friends, family, neighbors, moving companies or mom and pop appliance stores to see about borrowing/renting one.

8) Make sure to bring your ISU student ID.  Students WILL need their ISU ID to check-in at their residence hall.