Office of Sponsored Programs

The primary role of the Office of Sponsored Programs is to assist faculty, staff, and students in their pursuits of external funds for research and scholarly activity. Our main function is the administration of all pre-award duties including:

  • Assist grant-seekers with grant searches and proposal preparation, including budget, narrative and university compliance issues.
  • Prepare and submit final proposal to funding agency.
  • Facilitate the activities of the Institutional Review Board.
  • Review all proposals for institutional compliance and maintain record keeping for all proposals submitted to external funders.

The Office of Sponsored Programs is here to assist faculty, staff and students find funding sources to best support their projects.

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External Funding

Grant Search Engines

ISU maintains memberships to some of the largest grant search engines for the benefit of its faculty and students. It is best if these websites are accessed via the links on Search Engines page. If you are accessing theses links from a computer off campus you will either have to use passwords given on the Search Engines page or you may be asked to provide your Sycamore Login.

Pivot (formerly known as the Community of Science) is one of the largest grant search engines which covers all fields of interest. Search engine may be used to look for grant opportunities or collaborators ( Expertise).
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Foundation Directory Online
This is the largest database of corporate and private foundations in the United States. Access is provided through funding from the ISU Cunningham Memorial Library.
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Grant Resource Center
This search engine is maintained by the Grant Resource Center which is a division of American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU). This site also provides other useful information such as tips on proposal preparation and email updates on funding opportunities.
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The following search engines are available to the public:

  • Indiana Youth Institute
    Good source for grants opportunities involving children or family initiatives. Sign-up for their weekly electronic newsletter which has a grant tip each week.

    This is the main site for all federal grants. It is not useful as a general search engine, but it can be helpful to find a link to a specific agency of grant opportunity.
  • Zyn Systems
    This is a clearinghouse website for information on Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Opportunities.

Fulbright Scholars Program

The Fulbright Program is administered by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State. This page provides links to the national site and the ISU procedures to be aware of before studying abroad.

The Fulbright Program was initiated in 1946 for the purpose of promoting mutual understanding between the United States and other countries of the world. Teachers, students and scholars from around the world are chosen for a variety of educational activities: primarily university lecturing, advanced research, graduate study, and teaching in elementary and secondary schools.

The Fulbright Program is sponsored by the United States Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Under a cooperative agreement with the Bureau, the Council of International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) assists in the administration of the Fulbright Scholar Program for faculty and professionals.

To learn more about the variety of exchange programs that comprises the Fulbright Program please visit or

Fulbright Programs that might be of most interest to ISU faculty and students are:

  • The U.S Fulbright Scholar Program sends scholars to approximately 140 countries, where they lecture and/or conduct research for up to one year (and more than 2 months).
    Go here to apply
  • Checkout the list of countries that participate in the Fulbright Scholar Program.
  • The Fulbright Specialist Program sends U.S. faculty to serve as expert consultants on curriculum, faculty development, institutional planning, and related subjects at overseas academic institutions for a period of 2 to 6 weeks.
    Go here to apply » (Note: Program has a rolling deadline.)
  • The Fulbright U.S. Student Program offers fellowships for U.S. graduating seniors, graduate students, young professionals, and artists to study abroad for one academic year. The Program also includes an important English Teaching Assistant component.
    Find out more »

Please read Faculty Procedures (PDF) regarding acceptance of a Fulbright award.

Grant Search Assistance

If you would like OSP to help with your grant searching please send an email to Include a brief description of the project for which you will be requesting external funding for and by what date the funding will be needed.  It is recommended that grant search requests should be made a minimum of six months prior to when the funds are needed


The following grant programs are administered by the Office of Sponsored Programs.
To access instructions and the online application please Click Here.

Grant Program Due Date
Reprints and Publications Apply Anytime
University Research Committee (URC)    Fall Round: First Monday in Oct.
Spring Round: First Monday in February
University Arts Endowment
First Monday in November


The following links will provide additional information for campus-wide grant opportunities that are offered by other departments:

Grant Proposal Process

Routing Process

Prior to proposal submission or contract acceptance the document must be "routed". The routing process serves to advise and inform academic administrators such as a department chair and college dean of possible future project activities of a faculty or staff member; it also ensures that all Indiana State University compliance requirements have been met.

What is Routed
All proposals requesting funding from an external agency, contracts with other institutions or companies, and any other form of agreement that specifies a commitment of ISU resources must be routed.

Word Doc Routing Form

Final and/or Periodic Reports which require the signature of an authorized official of the University must also be routed using the ISU Routing Form for Grant and Contract Performance Reports.

PDF Report Routing Form

How to Route

ISU uses the Cayuse424 software to enable grant submission for most federal grant proposal and online routing. Once registered into the Cayuse424 system an ISU administrator/faculty is able to apply his or her signature electronically for proposal approval.

PDF Learn How to Get Started

When to Route

Proposals/contracts may not be submitted until all required approvals have been obtained; therefore it is best to start the process well before the proposal’s due date. For routing purposes the budget should be in a close to final form, and the narrative can be in rough draft form. Reviewers should be able to get a clear understanding of the project and what institutional resources will be required.

Who is Included on Routing

A proposal/contract must include the approvals of each PI, Co-PI and Senior Personnel named on the project, in addition the Department Chair and Dean of College for each faculty/staff listed must also approve.

If the project requires support and/or services from other offices on campus (i.e. Office of Information Technology, Extended Learning, Center for Community Engagement, etc.) the director of the office must be included in the routing process.

Approvals from institutional compliance committees may be required prior to submission; it will depend on what the funding agency requires.

Compliance certification may take some time.  Start the process early!

Please be aware that the Office of Contracts and Grants will not release any funds until all compliance issues have been satisfied.

Proposal will not be submitted until all required signatures have been obtained.


Foundation Center

Proposal Writing the Short Course

 Grant Resource Center


Agency Specific
Dept. of Education – Grantmaking at ED

Environmental Protection Agency - Tips on Writing a Grant Proposal

NIH – Office of Extramural Research, Grants Policy and Guidance

NSF Funding – How to Prepare Your Proposal

Budget Development

Before developing your budget, make sure you have read the budget section of your proposal guidelines thoroughly. This section should specify the upper limit for the budget, which costs are allowed and unallowed. Every agency has it own set of guidelines; they can range from very general to very specific.

Contact Marlene Burns ( or 812-237-8124) in OSP early in your budget development process. She will assist you with developing a spreadsheet, determining cost share, finalizing the budget, and guiding you through the routing process.

Below are links to materials that may assist you in your budget development. Also checkout the resource center at the office of OSP, we have current periodicals and other resource materials that may help.

  • Budget Checklist
  • Budget FAQ
  • Sample Budget with Cost Share
  • Sample Budget, No Cost Share
  • Fringe Benefit Rates
  • Graduate Assistant Stipends and Fee Waivers in Grants
    If you have or plan to pursue external funds and will include graduate assistants in your project, you should be aware that there are two components of financial support for graduate assistants and fellows. There is the stipend (assistantship), and the tuition remission (fee waiver).

    If the funding agency permits it, you should include funds in your grant request to support both graduate student stipends and tuition remission. If you are going to request tuition support from the University, you must arrange for this support from the Dean of the Graduate School. You should contact the Graduate School for current tuition rates.

Narrative Development

Before you start writing your proposal read the guidelines thoroughly.  Every agency has their own set of guidelines. They can range from very general to very specific, right down to what size/type of font and margins may be used. 

Contact Liz Metzger (  or #3228) in OSP early in your narrative development process. She will help you with guideline compliance, narrative development and with the final proposal submission.

Research Administration

Many individuals and departments participate in the oversight and administration of sponsored programs at Indiana State University. The following documents have been prepared to identify the many components of sponsored programs administration and the individuals or departments responsible for the oversight of these activities. A description of each document is provided below.

Word Doc Institutional Data for Grants and Contracts

PDF Organizational Oversight and Responsibility Flow-Charts: This document includes a series of six flow-charts that encompass sponsored programs administration for the inception of the idea from the closeout of a funded project.

PDF Organizational Oversight and Responsibilities in a Tabular Format: This document describes in greater detail the same organizational and individual responsibilities illustrated in the flow-charts.

PDF Policy on Misconduct in Research:

PDF Intellectual Property Policy:

Indirect Rate Agreement 2013 - 2017