Student Withdrawal From Enrollment--Academic Year

The University recognizes that numerous circumstances may arise which will necessitate a student ceasing class attendance prior to the end of the semester. "Official withdrawal" involves the student withdrawing from all classes for which he/she is registered as well as notifying appropriate administrative officials of his/her decision to leave the campus. If a student leaves without processing a withdrawal, the absences from class and from the campus will be justification for the grade of F to be assigned for the course(s) in which the student is enrolled.

Procedures. The student is not officially withdrawn until he/she has completed the withdrawal procedures. For undergraduate students, official withdrawal from enrollment must be initiated in the Office of Registration and Records, Parsons Hall, Room 009, or by calling (812) 237-2020. Students seeking to withdraw are interviewed by a professional staff person and complete a withdrawal interview form and an authorization form. Questions concerning withdrawal from enrollment should be directed to the Office of Registration and Records.

If you are a graduate student and you wish to withdraw from the University, you must contact the School of Graduate Studies. The School of Graduate Studies is located in Tirey Hall, Room 183, or you can reach their office by phoning (812) 237-3005.

Grade Determination. Grade determination for students who officially withdraw from the University during any term is established as follows. Until the last official day to drop for the term, no grades are assigned for processed withdrawals. After the last day to drop for the term, all students that withdraw will receive a grade of “W” on their official academic record to indicate that the student has withdrawn from the term. Grades of “W” will not be factored into either the term or cumulative grade point average.

Withdrawal Following Priority Scheduling. Students who participate in registration must initiate an official withdrawal in accord with the procedures described above if they elect not to attend if they elect not to attend any classes during the semester for which registration was accomplished. An official withdrawal must be completed for the semester for which the student has priority scheduled even if he/she has withdrawn from the previous semester.

Refund of Fees for Official Withdrawal. Please see the Schedule of Classes, published on-line each semester and summer session, for details regarding grading, refund provisions, and calendar limits.

Financial Aid Recipients. Please click on the following link to see how withdrawing from the University may affect you:

Official Withdrawal from Summer Enrollment. Students who participate in registration must initiate an official withdrawal if they elect not to attend any classes during the term for which registration was accomplished. Academic fee reductions associated with summer withdrawals are in accordance with the following refund schedule for summer terms.

Refund Schedule for Summer Terms--Withdrawals. Students withdrawing from school will receive calendar day academic fee reductions according to the schedule that is published in the on-line Schedule of Classes. All days will be counted regardless of whether or not the course meets beginning with the first day of class. This means Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are counted.

Residence Hall Contract Cancellation. Withdrawal from enrollment results in cancellation of the residence hall contract; however, students are responsible for contacting Residential Life if they are not planning to return to the University. Residence hall students should review the terms and conditions of their residence hall contracts concerning refunds and the contract.

Withdrawal Form. To obtain a copy of the Withdrawal Form, click here.