Sycamore Graduation Guarantee Information


Congratulations! You have completed your first year at Indiana State University. As part of the Sycamore Graduation Guarantee, we have implemented a new suite of tools to assist you with your academic planning. MySAM consists of four parts: Worksheets (official graduation requirements-degree audit), Plans (semester by semester plans), Notes, and GPA Calculators.

Meet With Your Advisor

It is a requirement of the guarantee to meet with your advisor each semester. During your advising session, you will work with your advisor to map the courses you will take each semester. The agreed upon courses must be saved by your advisor on your current approved plan in MySAM.

MySAM Instructions

An advisor has evaluated your academic record and indicated what you will need to do to stay or get back on track to graduate in four years. Below you will find Instructions and a short tutorial on how to access MySAM:

  • Log into the Portal (MyISU Cloud) and select the MyISU badge
  • In the student tab, select the Degree Audit Tools under the MyISU quick links
  • In the Degree Audit Tools Menu, select MySAM-My Student Academic Map
  • This will take you to the worksheet tab, which is your degree audit
  • To locate your semester by semester plan, select the Plans tab
  • Double-click your Active Approved plan
  • Items (including courses and/or grades and/or GPA's) marked as critical (meaning they need to be completed in that particular semester) have been evaluated and will display if you are On-Track or Off-Track
  • On Track Off Track
  • You will need to review each plan, semester, and/or course note that is signified by a yellow note indicator for specific guidance---Yellow Note Indicator Icon. Refer to the tutorial below on how to view your notes

Additional Commitments

In addition to meeting the critical semester indicators, you have committed to the following:

  • Meet with your advisor regarding your four-year plan of study;
  • Remain in good academic standing each semester with both the institution and your major;
  • Complete at least 30 to 32 credit hours each academic year;
  • Maintain full time enrollment status;
  • Complete the courses in the appropriate sequence; and
  • Ensure you have no holds that will block registration and that you register during the priority registration period.


If you have questions regarding your academic requirements to graduate in four years, please contact your advisor. If your advisor is not currently available, please contact your department chair or associate dean office. For further information on how to use MySAM, please refer to the MySAM link.

MySAM four-year plan of study for Indiana State University