How to register for corequisites or concurrent prerequisite courses via the MYISU Portal

Corequisites: Corequisite courses are two courses that MUST be taken together. Registration in one of the two corequisite courses must happen in conjunction with the other course every time (EVEN if one of the 2 courses has been successfully completed).

Concurrent Prerequisite: A concurrent prerequisite is a course that MUST be registered in conjunction with another course every time (EXCEPT if one of the 2 courses has been successfully completed).

If registering for courses that are corequisites or you need both courses that are listed as concurrent prerequisites, you will need to do the following:

  1. Click on the Student tab
  2. Click Add/Drop Classes
  3. Select appropriate term, click Submit
  4. If you know the Course Reference Numbers (5-digit number specific to each course) enter both numbers here and click submit changes. If you do not know the CRN numbers please proceed to #5.

  5. Click Class Search to look up courses to Add.
  6. Next, click Advanced Search
  7. Enter all necessary information to find appropriate course (ie: Subject, Course Number, Instructor etc.) Next, click Class Search
  8. Put a check box next to BOTH courses you are wishing to register for and click Add to Worksheet

  9. Next, click Submit Changes
  10. Message will display as to whether registration was successful

Common Issues

If a student attempts to register into a single course that is part of a corequisite requirement or one of the courses involved in a concurrent prerequisite, they will receive an error message. Both courses must be processed at the same time to allow registration by the system

In this example below, BIO 231 and BIO 231L are listed as concurrent prerequisites. The student attempting to register has not successfully completed either course, so both courses will need to be processed together to register properly. The student only attempts to register into BIO 231, so the result is the following error message: