ISU Bodybuilding and Fitness Contest


2011 Contest Winners

Women’s Divisions

Master’s Winner – Bonnie Ave

Open Winner – Kaylee Terwoord

Overall Wabash Valley Women’s Champion – Kaylee Terwoord


Men’s Division


Joseph Terwoord  - 2nd Place

Robe Fazekas - 1st Place

Short Class

Scott Edmonson – 2nd Place

Brandon Smitley – 1st Place

Tall Division

Zach Merritt – 3rd Place

Tae Seung Lee – 2nd Place

Tim Cottrell – 1st Place


Mr. Wabash Overall Champion – Brandon Smitley


ISU Women’s Division

Overall Winner – Kaylee Terwoord


ISU Men’s Division

Tae Seung Lee  - Mr. ISU Overall Champion

Tim Myers – 2nd Place

Zach Derringer – 3rd Place


Official Rules and Regulations

The Wabash Valley Open Contest will be held in conjunction with the ISU Bodybuilding and Fitness Contests

Date: Saturday, March 26, 2011
Time: 6:30pm (Auditorium doors open at 5:30pm)
Location: Tilson Music Hall on the Indiana State University campus.

Tilson Music Hall Lobby
Check-in at 4:30pm
Contestant Meeting 4:45pm

The completed application and entry fee must be received by March 4th, 2011.
Click here for Contestant Entry Form.

Mail to:
C/O Contest Coordinator
ISU Student Recreation Center – Room 117
Terre Haute, IN 47809

Hand Deliver to:
Associate Director of Recreational Sports
ISU Student Recreation Center – Room 117

If you have questions, please call 812–237- 4097


Wabash Valley Contest – Two Divisions: Men/Women
Division I: 18-39 yrs of age
Division II (Masters): over 40 years of age
Two height classes in each division. Three top placings awarded in each height class. One overall winner for each division.

ISU Contest - Two Divisions: Men/Women
Three height classes in each division. Please note height classes may be consolidated and is ultimately dependent upon the # of contestants.


Contestants entering the ISU Bodybuilding or ISU Fitness Contest must be currently enrolled in at least seven hours of classes at ISU for the Spring 2010 semester.

Wabash Valley Masters Contestants must have reached their 40th birthday by March 27, 2010. A driver’s license is required.


$30.00 - ONE EVENT – Wabash Valley or ISU
$40.00 – TWO EVENTS – Wabash Valley and ISU

(NOTE: Only ISU students can compete in both events.) Application and Fees Due: March 5th, 2010 Checks should be made payable to Le Club


Posing routines will be limited to a maximum of 90 seconds. Overall winner of the ISU Spectacular will be required to complete the steroid drug test (urine specimen). The testing protocol will be outlined during the mandatory contestant meeting. If the steroid drug test results are positive, the participant will lose the title. Participant must return all trophies in the condition that they were awarded within 24 hours of notification of the steroid test results. Failure to return overall and division trophies will result in a replacement charge being assessed. All civic agencies, including and not limited to a small claims court will be used to collect the replacement charges. The overall title will be awarded to the next highest scoring contestant among the three overall class winners. The same testing protocol will continue until a contestant having a negative test result is identified. In the event a negative test result is not identified among these class winners, the overall champion will remain vacant until the next year’s show. Steroid test results MAY be published. Height classes may be consolidated or adjusted to allow for better competition on the day of the show.


Fitness contestants will be required to complete a routine lasting at least 2 minutes and not to exceed 3 minutes in length. Propos can be used during the individual routines; however, the props must be set up and removed by the contestants.


The Men’s posing suit must be competition style of one solid color with no emblems or design.

The Women’s posing suits must be a solid color two piece bikini with no cutouts, emblems, or designs. It will reveal the abdominal and lower back development but will not reveal the glutes (i.e. no thongs).

Fitness Contestants attire must expose abdominals, back, and legs. G-string or bikini swimsuits exposing the glutes are NOT permitted.


Contestants will provide their own prerecorded music, on a one track burned CD for their posing routine. Length of music should not exceed 90 seconds for the bodybuilding contestants and 180 seconds for Fitness contestants. Label and print your name on the CD and CD case.


No contestant is allowed to have family members and/or friends in the backstage or dressing area! If a contestant is found with a volunteer or family member they may be disqualified from the competition at the discretion of the Contest Coordinator!


General Open Seating
Ticket Prices - $4.00


Trophies will be awarded to the top three finishers in each division.