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The Office of Recreational Sports at Indiana State University, in association with Southern Indiana SCUBA Diving Specialists, is proud to offer SCUBA Courses through the Professional Association of Diving Instructors Program (PADI).  The courses that are offered are Discover Dives, Weekend Open Water Courses, the Advanced Open Water Course, Rescue Diver Course, and Divemaster (professional certification, by request only).  All participants must be 13 years of age or older.

Registration - *All participants must register AT LEAST TWO WEEKS prior to the start date of any course to enroll *


Any questions can be directed to Chelsea Dolly, Assistant Director - Aquatics by phone at 812-237-8974 or email at, or Mark Brooks at Southern Indiana SCUBA Diving Specialists via email at



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This gives the participant who has always wanted to try SCUBA, but never had the opportunity, a chance to give it a shot.  The participant will get into the pool with SCUBA equipment under the supervision of a professionally trained and certified PADI Instructor.  All supplies will be provided to the participant, all that is needed is a swimsuit and towel.

Prerequisites:  None (Open to all participants)


Cost:  $15 per participant, per session

Location: HHS/Arena Building

NEW!!  View/download the SCUBA brochure for Fall 2015 (updated 9/18/15)

NEW!!  View/download the SCUBA registration form for Fall 2015

*** Be sure to ask about the ISU SPRING BREAK TRIP happening in March!! ***


open water course

The student will be in a class of not more than 12 people sharing the fun and thrill of learning something new and doing something that they have always wanted to do.  Upon successful completion of the course, you are issued a lifetime Open Water certification from PADI. This class is based on the participant having completed the PADI e-learning online Open Water course, before attending the first session of the class. During the 2015-16 academic year, we are offering weekend open water courses (see below).

Prerequisites:  None (Open to all participants)

Will Receive:  Lifetime Open Water Certification


$169.00 paid to PADI online, $178.00 ISU students, $203.00 non-ISU students for the course. There is an additional cost of $99.00 for checkout dives.

Supplies Included in Fees:  Open Water Student Kit, BCD, Regulator, Cylinder, and Weight Rental.

*All participants must bring their own mask, snorkel, boots and fins to each class.  These supplies are available for purchase at the start of the course from Southern Indiana Scuba or can be purchased through another retailer.

          WEEKEND open water course option

The class is structured so that participants will meet Saturday, which will consist of one pool session. The second weekend is set aside for 4 open water checkout dives.

September 26, 2015 - 9:00am - 5:00pm, ISU Rec Sports Wet Classroom


advanced open water & EFR/RESCUE COURSE

This class is designed for the diver that wants a better understanding of diving or would just like to be introduced to some new and exciting specialties. The Advanced Open Water (AOW) course is done over two days.  Students complete five specialty dives and related coursework.  All AOW students must complete a Deep Dive and Underwater Navigation Dive. The other three specialties are up to the student. 

Prerequisites:  Must possess Open Water SCUBA Certification  

Will Receive:  Lifetime Advanced Open Water Certification

COSTS: $158 for the online course. There is an additional cost for checkout dives. These vary by location and are as follows:



COntact Mark Brooks at with questions.


SCUBA site locations

Classroom and Pool Work Completed At:

Indiana State University

HHS Building (Arena) - 380 N 5th St, Terre Haute, IN  47809
Student Rec Center - 601 N 6th St, Terre Haute, IN  47809