ISU Purchasing Department

        Updated 09/25//2015

ISU Purchasing recommends the vendor contracts listed below for the best prices.


computers, electronics, & software:

        Note: If you are ordering a computer, your first step is to enter a ticket with the OIT Help Desk. You may do that thru MYISU, link on lower left, or by calling the Help Desk. Please start a requisition prior to calling the Help Desk and give have the requisition number entered into the ticket. An OIT consultant will contact you.  

        Orders for computers must be entered on the computer acquisition website immediately below AND a Banner requisition must be completed before computer orders are processed.





Cameras, Projectors & Photographic Equipment


Ricoh's Copier center at isu:

Office supplies:

Shirt orders:




  Fedex Account Security

         Your Fedex Account should have an Administration Tab 

         If you do NOT have an administration tab, contact Fedex Support


         If you have been assigned a new Fedex Acount number 

         Fedex Support at this number should be able to assist you in

        removing your old account and adding your new account

        It is easier to remove the old account and add a new one

        it will preserve your credit information, account settings and    address book

         To report fraudulent charges to Fedex call

                  Barbara (901) 397-2471 


You will need to get a Travel Authorization Number for the following:

Vehicle License plates: